DW unveils limited edition 14”x5” DW MFG True-Cast Snare

DW 14"x5" MFG True-Cast Snare
(Image credit: DW)

DW has unveiled a sequel to its previously-released True-Cast series snare drum, this time with a 14”x5”, sand-casted 14”x5” bell bronze snare.

Designed in collaboration with DW artist, Dave Elitch (The Mars Volta, Weezer, Miley Cyrus), the DW MFG (which stands for ‘Manufacturing’) features a seamless shell with a 45-degree bearing edge. The shell is 5mm thick at the edges, tapering to 3mm in the middle of the snare's depth, in a bid to recreate the tonality of reinforcement hoops.

The shell is fitted with machined, solid brass hardware including a Mini-MAG throw-off and butt plate, mini-Turret lugs and True-Pitch tension rods. Meanwhile, the rims are a pair of matching, machined True-Cast hoops, and the snare features 20-strand True-Tone snare wires.

“I’m a drummer and a drum collector.” says Dave Elitch. “I’m passionate about the instrument and wanted to partner with DW to make the quintessential sand-cast bronze snare-made the right way.  Every aspect of this drum was thought out and executed with the utmost care and attention to detail.  The result is a modern-day legend, both sonically and visually.”

The 14”x5” DW MFG True-Cast Snare comes in a deluxe DW MFG flight case made by Calzone, complete with a signed certificate of authenticity. Now, we mentioned it’s limited-edition, and it follows in the footsteps of DW’s 2019 14”x6.5 model, which was released in an extremely limited quantity of just 90 snare drums worldwide.

Similarly, only 100 of the 14”x5” drum will be released via DW’s global dealer network.

But, if you can’t get your hands on one, DW has plans to release a full sample pack of the drum for its newly-launched Soundworks software. To find your nearest DW dealer, click here.   

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